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Fitness … Build up a body you can love. Fitness isn’t just about the workout. You’ve got to build a foundation that will respect the workout

Adventure… Get Outside, explore, see what waiting. Life can’t be lived inside your comfort zone. See the full potential and take it to the next level

Beauty… Your inner beauty reflects what is seen on the outside. Take the time to believe in you, take care of you, treat your body like a perfect diamond.

What is one thing you need more than anything else in the world? Your HEALTH! More than anything else, your health can carry you to a better life or sink you right into a hole you may not be able to get out of. My health journey didn’t fully start until I saw my mom break bones from Osteoporosis and also almost die of a heart attack in her early 50’s. Thats when I knew, and it hit me hard, that she is my genetics. My body has a huge chance to turn out just like she has so I know I need to do my best to help it be protected no matter what. Whether you have that history or not, you need health. You need to feel good inside. You need to be able to look outside and have the ability to go outside, take in that fresh air and see life for what it is really worth. I’m here to help you. Follow me on fitmissioncomplete.com and help get your goals into place.

I need to make sure you see that you are beautiful with or without makeup. I need you to see beautiful skin that needs tender loving care just like you do. You want to shine. You want to be your best. One thing that can get you there so fast is by taking care of you. Inside and out. Giving yourself that time to get yourself ready, stand taller, taking care of what you’ve been given. Be strong, put the time to give yourself something that will instantly put an extra kick in your step. You deserve to be valued by you and feel valued by others. Take the time to take care for you. Makeup and Beauty isn’t all about just needing to do it so that you look top of the line. Its there to allow you to show who you are, and care. Its your artist side, or your easy going side, no matter how you wear your makeup or see yourself, you have to stand out for you.  I don’t ever want you viewing makeup as the only way to see your beauty. But I do want you to view makeup as something that should still represent you. Something that you put a little effort into, but yet, you’re done so fast, it is easy to spend that time on you. Thats Maskcara Beauty. Maskcara sets itself apart from all others by providing you a compact that is so compact, your whole set up can fit into it. Leaving you with just your brushes, moisturizer and setting spray left to travel with. You can put your Highlight, Contour, Lip and Cheek, Illuminators, powder, bronzer, and eyeshadows all into one compact. Create your look you need for your personal you.

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