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The best way to impact the lives of those around you positively is to commit yourself to the process of becoming an example of what will inspire them.

Too much effort in life is spent looking at others and wanting or wishing you could have what they have or be what they are. You have within you the power to create something greater- the best version of yourself. Each of us has greatness inside us, and our greatest most beautiful self only comes out when we stop trying to become like others and mentally commit to becoming YOURSELF! If you really want to make an impact on others, help them to see that they can create greatness in their own lives by loving who they are and embracing and refining their own talents and beauty.  Thats who I am committed to being for you.


Jocelyn McClellan here! I have worked so hard the last few years teaching beautiful souls like yourself, how to fully love you. With some souls, they just get it, and with others, it is a lot of work. Somehow, long ago, maybe you decided to tell yourself you weren’t worth it, or that you aren’t enough and that you have no talents. I’m here to tell you, you are wrong! When you find the right person that you let in, that you let mend that broken heart; you become whole again. That is where my life and what I teach come in. I believe you should love yourself and see yourself like your true love sees you.

They love you for all that you are, why don’t you? I’ve always believed that you have the power to choose your feelings and emotions towards yourself and others. Although you might have grown up hating something about yourself, you can change that. You are allowed to love yourself again. Delete the bad thoughts, delete the self hate, delete the guilt, and delete the emotion that is bogging you down. Its time to take care of you again. From the inside out and I want to help you. One of the best things I can teach you is to care for your outsides to repair your insides. Each little new step creates a new you.


Taking care of you, getting dressed up, putting on makeup that doesn’t take away from who you are, doing your hair, maybe a fresh cut and color, is the beginning on working toward the new you. That is one reason I’m standing behind a makeup. Never in a million years did I think I’d be selling makeup. I knew though that caring of oneself (even on the outside) has always helped souls. I love though that with Maskcara Beauty. You are not hiding yourself, you are accentuating your beauty. You are lifting up those cheek bones, highlighting that face, and all together illuminating that sunshine that is forcing its way out of you and shining all around. You my dear, are a knock out! And you my dear deserve the world.

I am so blessed and honored to be able to help so many women on their journey. I have been blessed also to be one of the top in the company and a leader in color matching. I have worked hard to perfect the art at color matching someones skin tones just by a photo and I want to be able to help you, get on your journey of loving yourself just like your own true love always has. Now you get to love you! And be the true love YOU have always wanted!.

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